Narrowing Down

Hello again.  Last week was very exciting.  I met with a local historian, an assemblyman, and member of the Beacon Historical Society.  Someone gave me a book about the underground railroad in Orange County, written by the late Richard A. King.  The book was written about fifteen years ago and was very informative about the area that I’ve lived in my whole life.

After reading the book, I decided to investigate some local Newburgh history of the Alsdorf family.  As of now the underground railroad topic is hearsay, but there are a lot of resources concerning the Alsdorf family.

The Alsdorf family was African American, and the last living Alsdorf passed away in the mid 1900’s.  They taught the White, privileged, well-off families of Newburgh how to dance, sing, and play musical instruments.  They were also involved in the AME Zion Church on Washington St.

I am very excited to continue this research, but unfortunately my updates on this topic will be minimal due to copyright laws.  If you have any questions about my research I encourage you to email me through WordPress.